About Us

President Greeting

Benevolence,Rightteousness,Propriety,Wisdom and Fidelity,Behaving Sincerely and Diligently

By carrying forward the traditional virtues of Chinese nation formed for thousands of years

We are deeply aware that

Benevolence,righteousness, propriety,wisdom and fidelity

Are the important moral bases to construct a harmonious socialistic sociely

Are the spiritual agents to defuse the social contradiction

Are the spiritual catalysts for social harmony

Therefor,our enterprise has formed

To establish the management and administration conceptions based on “benevolence”

To apply the management and administration means characterized by “ringteousness”

To constitute the management and administration features on the basis of “propriety”

To define the management and administration strategies by taking “wisdom” as driving power

To comply with the management and administration principles centering on “fidelity”

We will always inherit and carry forward the essence

Establish the enterprise conception of serving people,country and society

Apply the morals of benevolengce to all employees and mass

Treat customers sincerely and friendlily

Undertake more social responsibilities

And make greater contribution for people,country,society and customers