International dairy buyers favor Chinese dairy companies at SIAL

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At the 9th International Food and Beverage Exhibition (SIAL), which was just concluded recently, the domestic dairy enterprise exhibition group organized by the China Dairy Industry Association attracted the attention of peer procurement and inspection delegations from more than 170 countries and regions . There were a total of 12 exhibitors organized by the China Dairy Industry Association this time, with a total exhibition area of ​​444 square meters, an increase of 30% and 56% respectively from the previous session. Among the exhibiting companies, there are national brand enterprises such as Yili, Mengniu, Sanlu and Guangming, as well as local enterprises that develop and produce goat milk products, as well as companies engaged in international and domestic dairy trade. These enterprises have demonstrated their image, brand and product quality from different angles. At the exhibition site, the "Trensu OMP" produced by Mengniu Group Co., Ltd. also won the "Ninth International Food and Beverage Exhibition Innovative Product Award". At the exhibition, the reporter saw that the special decoration of the China Dairy Products Area was particularly eye-catching. Three square signs printed with the logo of China Dairy Industry Association are specially hung at the top of the exhibition hall, each with a logo of 27 cubic meters, demonstrating the development momentum of the industry. Chairman Song said that in recent years, the total output value of China's dairy industry has been developing at a double-digit rate every year, which is rare in the food field. Last year, although the dairy industry was affected by the international milk powder market price and the price of raw materials rose sharply, the total output value of the dairy industry still reached 134.881 billion yuan, an increase of 24.14% year-on-year. The exhibitors this time are well-known in the country, even internationally, in terms of corporate image, brand influence, product quality, etc. It can be said that they already have the conditions to enter the international market. At this exhibition, the China Dairy Industry Association received international dairy procurement groups from South Korea, Australia and Latvia. They had a detailed understanding of the development status of China's dairy industry, and visited the dairy area in China to taste the products.