The 12th Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo 2011

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Exhibition time: 2011-03-16 To 2011-03-19
Exhibition cycle: 1Year
Founding time: Year
Application deadline: 2011 - 3 - 1
Exhibition location: Xian City
Exhibition Hall Name: Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center
organizer: China Machinery Industry Federation Shaanxi Provincial Equipment Manufacturing Leading Group, Xi'an Municipal People's Government
organizer: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Xi'an Branch, Xi'an Sanlian Technology Exhibition Co., Ltd. Xi'an Qujiang Sanlian Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibits: Industrial automation (production and process automation): assembly and handling systems / linear positioning systems / industrial image processing systems / control systems, PLC, SCADA / sensors and actuators / industrial computer communications, networks and fieldbus systems / embedded systems / Measurement and test system / Industrial automation data acquisition and identification system / Laser technology Industrial automation information technology and software: Factory integrated management software, industrial IT software, industrial basic system and development tools, factory production software, industrial Internet, intra-factory LAN 、 Electrical system of factory external LAN solution: Transformer, battery and uninterruptible power supply / Servo motor and frequency converter / Transmission, mechanical drive system / Wire and cable accessories / Electrical switch device and equipment for electrical control system / Electrician and optoelectronic component / Electric Robotics for electrical testing and inspection equipment: Industrial robots / service robots / robot simulation and vision systems / related machines, devices and parts, instruments and meters: regulators, sensitive components and measuring devices, transmitters, sensors, testers, metrology instrument , Indicators, electronic measuring instruments, electrical instruments, actuators and regulating valves, positioners, weighing devices, signal processors, intelligent instruments, analytical and optical instruments, laboratory instruments and equipment, etc. Microsystem technology: Microsystem components , Modular micro-systems, micro-sensors, micro-actuators, micro-optics and fiber optics, micro-assembly, micro-connection technology, micro-reaction technology and other executive components: motors and electric devices, new motors, electrical transmission devices, frequency conversion speed regulation Devices, various new valves, components and seals. Non-destructive testing: non-destructive testing technology and equipment, physical and chemical testing technology and equipment, quality control technology during production, material testing technology and testing equipment, and other testing equipment. +++++++++++++++ Compressed air technology: Compressors for generating compressed air, compressor components, compressed air treatment, compressed air storage and distribution, compressed air treatment, vacuum technology. Hydraulic technology: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic control valve, hydraulic drive device, supercharger and transducer, hydraulic accumulator, pressure relay, hydraulic hard, hose and pipe joint, hydraulic system and complete set Equipment, hydraulic test bench, water-based hydraulic transmission, hydraulic power components and various hydraulic machines and accessories. Pneumatic technology: cylinder, pneumatic valve, pneumatic component, supercharger and gas-liquid actuator, pneumatic working component, pneumatic and jet control system, pneumatic hard, hose and joint, pneumatic device and others, seal device and auxiliary device. Mechanical transmission: Gear reducer, turbo reducer, swing reduction gearbox, gear set for fixed equipment, gear set for vehicle, steering gear and drive shaft, transmission, special gear set, coupling and clutch, brake and brake system , Belt and chain transmission, special power transmission equipment, power transmission accessories, power transmission system. Sealing technology: Extruded rubber seal, lubricant, rotating shaft seal, reciprocating seal (piston and rod seal). Antifriction bearings: Radial ball bearings, radial cylindrical bearings, tapered cylindrical bearings, axial ball bearings, axial cylindrical bearings, combined axial / radial bearings. Linear motion systems: linear guides, linear bearings, linear motion systems, drive elements / systems, ball screws, linear slides, electromechanical brakes, compound power systems. Electrical transmission: various types of generator sets, general industrial motors, special industrial motors, servo motors, general-purpose small motors (under 750W), special-designed small motors (under 750W), frequency conversion, converter devices and components, electric drive governors , Electromagnetic equipment, magnets, electric motor components. Various types of power equipment: diesel engines, gasoline engines, engines, internal combustion engine parts and accessories, multi-fuel engines, rotary piston engines, other oil engines, and internal combustion engine parts. Pump and valve equipment: pipeline pumps, clean water centrifugal pumps, screw pumps, gear oil pumps, magnetic drive pumps, oil pumps, ball valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, plug valves, and other washing machines and various supporting equipment.