The 8th Hebei International Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition 2011

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Exhibition time: 2011-03-25 To 2011-03-27
Exhibition cycle: 1Year
Founding time: Year
Application deadline: 2011 - 3 - 1
Exhibition location: Shijiazhuang
Exhibition Hall Name: Shijiazhuang International Expo Center
organizer: Hebei Industrial Economic Union Hebei Automation Society Hebei Die & Mould Industry Association, Hebei Welding & Cutting Technology Association Hebei Internal Combustion Engine Society Hebei Metrology Association
organizer: Hebei Dingya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.,
Industrial Control Automation Instrumentation Exhibition
Metal processing, machine tool and tooling equipment exhibition
Welding and cutting equipment, hardware tools exhibition
Power Transmission, Hydropneumatic and Control Technology Exhibition
Casting, forging, industrial furnace, etc.
Electric power equipment and electrical automation equipment
Fasteners, springs and equipment
As China joins the WTO, it will definitely bring us unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Statistical analysis shows that manufacturing is the leading and pillar industry of the entire industry, and it is the lifeblood of the country, directly related to and showing the strength of a country ’s overall national strength. China's manufacturing industry has now exceeded 3 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 5% of the world's total manufacturing, ranking fourth in the world, and is another world manufacturing center after the United Kingdom, the United States, and the future.
Hebei is located in the center of the Beijing-Tianjin Economic Circle, with large and medium-sized cities intensive and huge market capacity. Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital, is one of the largest cities in North China, with convenient transportation, superior geographical environment and active market economy, and it is the first choice for merchants to develop sales. Hebei is one of China's manufacturing bases and has a fairly strong manufacturing capacity. With the reform and technological transformation of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises have gradually developed and expanded. Joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises have been increasing. The demand for new technologies and new equipment for manufacturing in industrial and mining enterprises is increasing, and the requirements are becoming higher and higher, forming a broad market space. . To this end, the "Eighth Hebei International Equipment Manufacturing Expo" will be held. This expo will once again build an information platform for manufacturers and users to communicate with each other, promote the improvement and development of the industry's production, circulation, and sales channels, and accelerate new products 1. The promotion and application of new technology plays an important role in strengthening the contact and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises.