The 10th China (Shandong) International Machine Tool and Tooling Exhibition

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Exhibition time: 2011-03-16 To 2011-03-18
Exhibition cycle: 1Year
Founding time: Year
Application deadline: 2011 - 3 - 1
Exhibition location: Jinan City
Exhibition Hall Name: Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center (High-tech Zone)
organizer: Shandong Provincial People's Government, China Machinery Industry Federation
organizer: Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission Jinan Municipal People's Government, Shandong Machinery Industry Association China International Trade Promotion Committee Shandong Provincial Committee
Exhibits: CNC machine tool exhibition area: CNC lathes, milling, machining centers, CNC systems and testing equipment; machine tool and mold processing equipment exhibition area: car, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling and other metal cutting machine tools and stamping, forging, extrusion, bending Machine, bending machine and other pressure forming machines; EDM, wire cutting machine tools, special processing machine tools and gantry milling and other mold processing equipment; mold exhibition area: plastic molds, cold punching dies, forging dies, die casting dies, rubber and plastic dies and other molds ; Tool and accessories exhibition area: knives, cutting tools, clamps, measuring tools, abrasive tools, metal cutting oil, hardware tools and various machine tool accessories, etc.


Exhibition time: 2011/3/14/---15  

Exhibition time: 2011/3/16/---18    

Withdrawal time: 2011/3/18/  16:00  


Exhibition Introduction

As one of the major equipment manufacturing provinces in the country, Shandong ranks second in the country in terms of comprehensive strength. Shandong machinery industry has complete categories, convenient cooperation conditions, advanced production technology and relatively complete infrastructure. In the next few years, the focus of the development of Shandong's machinery industry is to build on existing foundations and strengthen advantageous industries. According to the domestic and foreign market demand, we will focus on the development of six major industries including automobiles, electrical appliances, agricultural machinery, machine tools, construction machinery, and large-scale heavy equipment. At the same time, Shandong is also a large market for large demand for advanced machinery and equipment. This year's Shandong International Machine Tool and Tooling Exhibition will focus on the country's strong policy of expanding domestic demand, ensuring growth and adjusting structure, and the country's development plan for the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry and 2009- The implementation of the 2010 Shandong province equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization plan is an opportunity to hope to strengthen exchanges and promote cooperation with domestic and foreign machinery and equipment companies, introduce and absorb advanced technologies and equipment, and develop and strengthen the Shandong machinery industry.
Shandong Machine Tool Fair has successfully gone through 9 years of development and has rapidly developed into a very important equipment manufacturing event on the eastern coast. The last exhibition attracted well-known domestic and foreign enterprises from the United States, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other exhibitors. Doosan, Siemens, Hexagon, LGMAZAK, Citizen Precision Machinery, Taiwan Fuyu, Hanchuan Machine Tool, Dahe Machine Tool, Xinrui Great Wall, Guilin Machine Tool, Yunnan CY Group, Seco Tools, Jinan No. 2 Machine, Jinan No. 4 Machine, Fain CNC, Zimmer CNC, Lunan Machine Tool, Pleasant, East China CNC and other enterprises showed new products and new technologies. Become a highlight of the conference. There were 57820 professional buyers and visitors on site, the turnover of the exhibition was 150 million yuan, and the exhibitors' satisfaction with this exhibition reached 98.1%.
In order to further improve the level of the exhibition, better serve the enterprise, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the Shandong machine tool industry, we sincerely invite your company to bring high-quality products and new products to participate in this event, and I wish you a fruitful result!