Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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Established in 1996,Shanghai Changlong Lndustrial Equipment Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in designing and researching various series of plate type(tubular) heatexchangers,plate type (tubular) whole set sterilizer units, ice cream shole set equipment, concentrators,degassing units,tanks and vessels etc,.providing achain of services including design,manufacturing,installation,commissioning and training etc.for the equipment and projects.Thanks to its richexperience in the production of heat exchangers and sterilizers,the company has become a leader in the industry of heatexchangers and sterilizers.The products are widely applied indairy, fruit beverage,brewage,chemical industry,electricpower and agriculture etc.Industries. Shanghai Changlong Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd.has many designers specialized in the application of heat exchangers and sterilizers,invites experienced experts from dairy industry as technical consultants and employs professiona engineers to design the series units, so as to guarantee safe and reliabgle operation of the equipement.