International aerial work giants advance to the competition in the subdivision field intensifies

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In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy, more and more attention has been paid to operational safety. The market demand for aerial work platforms is gradually heating up, and this development opportunity is optimistic about international aerial work platform manufacturing giants. Following the opening of JLG, the global aerial work industry giant, in Tianjin in October last year, the Changzhou factory of Terex Aerial Work Platform Division was officially opened on March 9 this year. So far, the two giants in the field of international aerial work platforms have all arrived at the scene, officially nuggets China's aerial work field, and the world's top aerial work platforms have achieved localized production in China. International giants have all entered the industry and competition is intensifying.

Aerial work platforms belong to a subdivision of the construction machinery industry. For a long time, China's market capacity is relatively small, only used in gardening, transportation, shipbuilding, fire protection, power and other industries. With the continuous acceleration of China's future urbanization process and the continuous introduction and improvement of China's regulations related to the safety of aerial work, the market demand for aerial work platforms will continue to grow. Although the international aerial work platform field has been hit hard by the financial crisis, JLG, Terex Ginny, Aichi Company, Ou Leshon and Sky jack have all made great efforts in emerging markets, especially the Chinese market. With the entry of two international giants such as JLG and Genie, the market competition in this field is bound to become more intense.